Gooseneck Beavertails

At Bluesky, we offer seven styles of Gooseneck Beavertails, all 6 feet long:

  • Standard-Wood
  • Angle iron across with 6" spacing
  • Bar grading
  • Flip up centre
  • Wood on sides
  • Bar grading on sides
  • Oil field flip up

Any trailer built with 3-7000 Lb Axles & Gooseneck has:

  • tubing construction
  • frame is 14 1/2" x 2" x 188

This frame is very sturdy, it will flex and will not crack, also the mud does not hang on to this type of frame. We have cross members running length wise between frame and then we are also cross braced and v braced under trailer. These trailers are designed so the double coated wiring runs all through the tubing of the trailer without being exposed, therefore you eliminate wiring problems. With the Bluesky Trailers being designed with more frame than most manufactureres we have developed a unique design of counter sinking our deck to stay low with the boards running horizontal (sideways).

Other features:

  • Stake pockets and rub rail 2 1/2 x 1/2
  • Step & handle on either side of gooseneck
  • Rubber mount lights, heat shrink connections
  • Sandblasted, primed underneath frame and on top plus 2 coats of industrial enamel for top coat
  • Numerous options available upon request

Tubing Frame vs Wide Flange

Tubing frame is that of Bluesky Trailers, versus Wide Flange which is used by 95% of our competitors.