Creep Feeders

Bluesky offers the well built, 10 foot – 220 bushel creep feeder, it is built with the same quality has our trailers. It has the following features:

  • Ground opening lid
  • E-Z LUBE 6000 lb trailer axle with 225/75-tires
  • Frame is 6 x 2x125 wall tubing
  • Full size fold up creep pens are available and made with 1 1/4 tubing, and have a 1200 lb wing hand wench to lift or lower them.
  • Steps for access
  • 7000lb lift jack
  • Unit is portable, allowing you to move it when it is empty or full to different locations, and at a faster speed
  • Has lever action top door, which is easily opened from the ground. The full length top door, allows easy filling by feed mill, grinder mixer, tractor bucket, or auger wagon, and can be filled with the wings up
  • Has adjustable lower feed control doors, which can be adjusted to different positions with the use of wing nuts. The feed opening may be varied up to 5 inches
  • Trough floor and side walls are made of 12 gauge steel
  • Sandblasted, Epoxy primed and industrial enamel top coat